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Piccolino Rapid Development Board

Piccolino Rapid Development Board

The Piccolino is a prototyping platform for building and testing PIC microcontroller projects. All basic components are on-board, and the pinheaders make it easy to add additional parts. You can also connect expansion boards to the headers. If you use specific components on a regular basis you can simply design your own expansion board. If you add headers on that board, multiple add-on boards can be stacked onto one Piccolino. Without a heatsink on its on-board voltage regulator, Piccolino can supply about 100 mA to the headers.

Piccolino’s main features:

  • No programmer needed; Piccolino can program itself.
  • On-board 5 volts regulated power supply with LED.
  • On-board RS232 port (USB convertor available separately).
  • User LED, switch and variable resistor for your first experiments.
  • Reset switch and auto-reset jumper.
  • Space for stackable expansion modules.
  • Modern Microchip PIC16f887 microcontroller:
    • - 20 MHz (5 MIPS).
    • - 8192 words Flash memory.
    • - 768 bytes RAM.
    • - 256 bytes EEPROM.
    • - 35 I/O, 25 of which on pinheaders.
    • - 14 analog inputs.
    • - 2 PWM outputs.
    • - 2 Comparators.
    • - Communication using RS232-TTL, RS232, I2C, SPI, one wire.
    • - Ground, 5 volts and Vin on pinheader.

The Piccolino board is supply ready assembled. A free software download is available that contains a complete development environment, JAL programming language including libraries, installation instructions and an example program. This means you get a powerful development environment free of charge. Download the package here.

Optionally you can buy the Piccolino Sidekick with a complete set of components that will enable you to perform a multitude of experiments. Examples of these experiments may be found in the book Piccolino — 30 Projects, Mods/Hacks and Extension Boards (tentative, expected 2014).

The Piccolino is ready for use, all you need is a standard RS232 cable or a USB/RS232 convertor (not included). Piccolino needs a standard power supply (or "wall wart") (7 to 10 VDC, min. 100 mA) or a 9 V block battery.

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