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pHAT Stack - Fully Assembled Kit

pHAT Stack (Fully Assembled Kit)
A great set of peripherals for your Pi! Combine HATs and/or pHATs to boost the functionality of your project or make it stand out!

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If you wish to combine multiple HATs or pHATs in a single Raspberry Pi project to add more functionality or to just come up with something eye-catching, pHAT Stack is the solution for you. With its 6 sets of 2 × 20 GPIO pins - one for connecting to your Pi with the included ribbon cable, and the other 5 for a mix of HATs and/or pHATs - it offers a wide range of possibilities and room for creativity. The kit also includes rubber feet to keep it stable and prevent it from scratching the desk surface as well as metal standoffs that will enable a more secure fixation of the HATs or pHATs.

It's necessary to make sure that there are no any pin clashes between the boards you want to connect to the pHAT Stack. To avoid any complications, check the pins used by each board on pHAT Stack configurator.  


  • Five sets of 2 x 20 pin headers (plus one to connect to your Pi)
  • HAT and pHAT mounting holes (M2.5) and labels
  • Handy pinout, including BCM numbers and descriptive labels

Kits include

  • pHAT Stack PCB
  • 6x 2×20 male GPIO pins (pre-soldered)
  • 5x pairs of black brass standoffs
  • 4x rubber non-slip feet
  • 40-way black GPIO ribbon cable
SKU 18525
Manufacturer Pimoroni

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