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  • An RC transmitter-to-USB interface 
    Thank you for flying USB-Flitesim
  • Asynchronous Motor Control using Atmel Evaluation Board 
    With AT90PWM3 microcontroller and Fairchild Smart Power Module
  • ATtiny as RDS frequency generator 
    Use a miniature microcontroller to send characters to an FM radio display
  • Driver Circuits for High-Power LEDs 
    Power to the LEDs
  • E-blocks Graphic Colour LCD 
    Understanding, programming… showing off
  • ELF Reception 
    Signal hunting below 150 kHz
  • Hexadoku May 2007 
    Puzzle with an electronic touch
  • Magnetometer 
    Detects even the smallest changes
  • Mailbox May 2007 
  • RF Thermometers on the PC 
    Temperature from a Distance
  • Seismograph 
    Loudspeaker as vibration sensor
  • Smart Power Modules 
    Power output stages with integrated drives for motor control
  • Software Defined Radio 
    With USB interface
  • Speedmaster 
    The winning circuit in 3D
  • Transverter for the 70cm band (1981) 
  • Universal JTAG Adaptor 
    For programming and emulation
  • Using a Hot-Air Workstation 
    New technologies, new tools
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ISSN 0268/4519
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