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P-W-M Doorbell (140256-41)

P-W-M Doorbell (140256-41)

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Programmed microcontroller #140256-41 for the project P-W-M Doorbell (Programmable, Wireless, Musical), as published in Elektor Magazine edition May & June 2015.

Bit-bang your personal melody.

The e-fun you get from any wireless doorbell bought at Wallmart & Co. is as short-lived as the first melody or chime that sounds when the battery is installed. We electronicz people want the contraption to be personal, meaning programmable not just at the PIC level but also with crude though at least, original melodies.
More information:
SKU 17155
Manufacturer Elektor Labs
Editorial Number 140256-41
Product range Hardware
Microcontroller PIC16F873A-I/SP
Category Home & Garden

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