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Noise Level Meter Kit

Noise Level Meter Kit
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Noise makes you sick!

Franzis Noise Level Meter alerts you when noise becomes a permament stress or starts to be harmful to your health.

Build your own noise detector. Thanks to the pre-assembled board you only have to solder a few components. The integrated microcontroller clearly displays non-continous noise, too.

Four programs provide special functions and displays. In basic mode the four LEDs show the current noise level. A running light indicates noisy discussions. Disco mode turns the device into a light organ. The four-channel noise switch can be controlled by clapping your hands.

Protect yourself efficiently against noise.

Display range: 70 dB(A) bis 100 dB(A)
Dimensions: 160 x 110 x 30 mm (B x H x T)

• Soldering Iron, solder
• 3x 1,5-V AA-batteries for up to 500 hours of operation


More Information
SKU 17521
Manufacturer Franzis
ISBN 978-3-645-65317-6

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