Electronics is never finer than when it combines physics, mechanics and software with imagination, ingenuity, aesthetics and precision. This is especially true for the Elektor UltiProp Clock from our December 2013 and January/February 2014 magazine editions, which was not only designed to display time and date, but also elicit exclamations of awe and admiration!


Our UltiProp propeller clock has two ATmega328 microcontrollers; one in the fixed base and the other on a two-blade propeller. The latter controls 2 x 25 dual color LEDs and displays a clockface thanks to the persistence of a circular image with 3200 points. The resulting image is stable and persistent, because on the one hand, the two sheets alternately produce the same fragment and, on the other hand, the microcontroller adjusts the image of the speed of the propeller. The 25 LEDs per propeller blade make it possible to view three rows of eight pixels high. The last is the seconds display on the outer edge of the circle.



All user settings are made with a single rotary encoder with a push button on the base unit: standby time and date setting, brightness and speed for day and night time, language and display mode.


This cool Propeller clock is available in week 15 (April 7-13) and can be pre-ordered now with a 30% Discount - now available as a completely assembled and tested circuit board through the Elektor PCB Service operated by EuroCircuits.