At the Embedded World held in Nuremburg Germany, Wind River have announced that their most recent version of VxWorks has been reworked to optimize its performance and usability for “Internet of Things” applications. VxWorks is one of the most widely deployed Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS) for embedded applications.


Its improved modular structure separates its core operating system from packages such as the file system and networking stack so that individual applications can be updated at will without affecting the core which would otherwise require a rework or retest of the entire system.  In addition it has improved security features and provided additional support for safety critical applications. VxWorks 7 also supports a range of standards and protocols such as USB, Bluetooth, CAN, FireWire and Continua.


Jim Douglas, chief marketing officer at Wind River stated that “The Internet of Things is a driving force that will significantly impact the embedded industry in the coming years, with the evolution of standalone embedded systems into massive networks of devices that deliver unprecedented amounts of data over the internet”. Wind River has also improved its Workbench suite of developer tools for VxWorks which now includes a new System Analysis package providing detailed access to code and system behavior, allowing developers to simultaneously optimize their code and detect bugs, memory leaks, and interlocks.