Ground loops are one of the common causes of inaccurate measurements and interference problems. They often occur when measurements are made using USB instruments connected to a PC. The USB Isolator from Cesys prevents undesirable ground-loop currents in the USB cable, thereby eliminating the source of the problem. It is suitable for use with all operating systems; no special drivers need to be installed. The isolation device is powered from the USB port.


The USB isolator provides galvanic isolation between the USB device and the PC for voltages up to 1000 VAC. This also makes it possible to make measurements in situations where the signal to be measured is not referenced to the ground potential of the PC. The manufacturer also states that the device does not introduce any delays and can be used with USB audio devices to prevent annoying USB noise and hum problems.


If the USB port of the PC is used to control power devices, the built-in 8 kV surge protection of the device protects the PC against overvoltage.