Teledyne LeCroy has released what the company says is the industry's first configurable decoders for Manchester and non-return-to-zero (NRZ) bitstreams for a wide range of oscilloscope platforms. The decoders enable users to specify a broad range of physical layer characteristics for Manchester or NRZ signals. The decoders define the grouping of bits into words and words into frames, which reduces analysis effort for custom and/or proprietary protocols based on those generic encoding schemes.


Users can specify bit rates from 10 bit/s to 10 Gbit/s. Idle states, sync bits, header and footer information can all be configured to decode custom preambles or CRC details. Decoding is highly flexible: the data mode can be bits or words; the data can be viewed in hex, ASCII or decimal; the bit order can be either little-endian or big-endian. Decoded information is displayed with a color-coded overlay that expands or contracts as the user adjusts the oscilloscope timebase or zooms in on the waveform for more details.


Powerful search capabilities allow users to quickly search long sequences of decoded Manchester and NRZ waveforms for specific bus details such as data, sync or interframe gap. Decoded data is conveniently displayed in an interactive table. Clicking on any line in the table opens a zoomed view of that instance in the waveform.