Thanks to Elektor’s continued cooperation with PCB manufacturer Eurocircuits, the wideband TAPIR E-smog meter DIY kit has returned to Elektor.STORE!


The totally archaic but practical interceptor of radiation (TAPIR) electrosmog (E-smog) meter provides an excellent introduction into electromagnetism. This fascinating tool enables you to investigate electromagnetic signals, noise, and other strays emitted by electronic devices including tablets, PCs, LCDs, and smartphones. The TAPIR E-smog meter is one of our more innovative project designs, with the enclosure ingeniously made from four snap-out circuit boards. Eurocircuits is producing another batch of 1,000 of these clever little PCBs, which we anticipate they will sell fast—the original kit was immensely popular when it was first released last summer.


TAPIR kits are already in stock. Eurocircuits has supplied 100 units provisionally with another 900 on hold. So, to avoid disappointment, order your TAPIR kit for just $21.50 as soon as you can!