Your left hand never knows what your right hand is doing? That thorny problem has finally been solved by Agilent after they added remote control capability to their FieldFox handheld analyzers. With such an analyzer in one hand and an iOS device like an iPad or iPhone in the other, you can view on the latter what the first is up to. For this to work, the analyzer must be equipped with the remote control capability “Option 030” while the iOS device needs the Remote Viewer application.

With a suitable broadband data connection, the handheld analyzers can now be deployed in areas where users do not wish to stay long due to extremely harsh or unsafe conditions. Additionally, if a technician or engineer has trouble making a measurement or determining the source of a problem, another can help to remotely troubleshoot and solve the problem. The Remote Viewer also allows users to access demo videos and technical literature which can help them to resolve network issues as they arise. Access to this information also makes the app suitable for training and educational purposes.