The ADuCM350 announced by Analog Devices is targeted at wearable health monitoring applications (e.g. smart watches and advanced pedometers) as well as point-of-care diagnostics and self-test health devices. It is a single-chip scalable platform combining a 16-bit analog front-end (AFE) including a configurable multi-sensor input switch matrix, hardware waveform generator and discrete Fourier transform (DFT) engine. It incorporates a processing subsystem using an industry-standard software development environment to support the complete product design process.


According to ADI the passive, complex impedance sensing on the ADuCM350 facilitates baseline detection and detailed information of physiological, biological and electrochemical reactions, at levels previously unattainable. The passive and active sensor combination improves signal measurement accuracy and the environmentally robust on-chip capacitance-to-digital technology supports skin electrode detection and next-generation electrochemical test strip technologies. The precision AFE performs auto-calibration to give repeatable measurements in the field. The peripheral set of communication I/Os include USB (plus PHY), audio, display, serial and touch.


The 120-pin 8 x 8 mm CSP_BGA package can be powered by a single coin cell but the preliminary data sheet doesn’t indicate current drain. Contact Analog Devices for samples, full production is anticipated by April 2014.