Texas Instruments have introduced a new family of microcontrollers with built-in interfaces targeting applications associated with the ‘Internet of Things’. Processing is handled by a 120 MHz 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 core together with 256 kB of integrated SRAM, 6 kB EEPROM and a scalable 512 kB to 1 MB flash.


Interfaces at the user-end include a graphical LCD controller to handle OLED and character-based displays along with control outputs including 10 I2C ports, two 12-bit 24 channel A/D converters (2 MSPS), two quadrature encoder inputs, three on-chip comparators, an external peripheral interface and advanced PWM outputs.


Communication interfaces include CAN, USB and Ethernet Media Access Control (MAC) as was as the physical transceiver (PHY) so you only need to hook up an RJ45 socket to get Ethernet connectivity. The DK-TM4C129x development kit is also available from Texas Instruments.