In the old days, when it was still easy to get lost, GPS would have been really useful. Today we always know where we are, at least I do, yet we keep on developing instruments who can tell our position with more and more precision. Take for example the Teseo II family of GPS receivers from STMicroelectronics. These chips do not just listen to GPS satellites, they track signals from up to four different navigation satellite constellations! And you thought there was just one flavor of GPS?


In addition to the American GPS the Teseo chips listen to the Russian GLONASS, the European Galileo and the Japanese QZSS constellations. One member of the family, the STA8088EXG, also supports the Chinese Compass (BeiDou-2) constellation. The ability to simultaneously track multi-constellation satellite signals confers a significant improvement in position accuracy to the end application, and makes it an excellent solution where a very high level of position accuracy is required. The STA8088FG with embedded RF and in-package Flash can be ordered on-line. Get one now and never get lost again.