An upgrade to the TBS1000B budget range of oscilloscopes introduced by Tektronix last year now adds an interactive teaching mode to the scope’s function.

The new courseware feature allows educators to create lab descriptions and instructions using the Windows-based Courseware Editor for upload directly to the TBS1000-EDU scope. Existing labs can be customized with content to support recent lecture material or to explore new ideas discovered in classroom discussions. Students can perform lab work directly on the oscilloscope and record their progress in a report file consisting of oscilloscope screen captures. There is space in the scope for up to 100 MB of course material allowing 8 courses (consisting of up to 30 labs) to be stored. Once a lab is chosen the student can review the overview section, perform the lab following step-by-step instructions, collect data, check and save the data results and generate reports showing waveforms created for each step of the procedure.

Tektronix is also hosting a courseware web page, allowing educators to share course curricula or get inspiration from contributed material. The 2-channel 50 MHz version starts at £343.