It’s easy to use the Arduino platform to program microcontrollers. Using this tutorial kit makes it even easier—especially since we are offering a 12% discount!* It’s never been easier to get started with microcontroller programming and Arduino.  Jump on the Arduino bandwagon, now and join the thousands of enthusiastic developers all over the world.


This tutorial kit is an introduction to Arduino programming that enables you to develop your own applications. No matter what you have in mind - a specific alarm system, a measuring instrument, or a robotic control - you can put all your creative ideas into practice with the essential basics covered in this tutorial.


The kit includes: an introductory course for programming in “Arduino-C,” complete hardware and software for programming and experimenting, more than 70 experiments with detailed instructions and components, and a breadboard and multipurpose microcontroller PCB with an Atmel ATmega168 microcontroller.


*This offer expires on September 18, 2012.