LEDs can have a place in so many different applications that you may wonder where to begin using them. The Elektor book Fun with LEDs presents more than 20 exciting LED projects for designers of any age including an Air Writer, a Party Light, Running Lights, an LED Fader, and a Christmas Tree. Each project includes an explanation with a detailed circuit diagram and is illustrated with photographs. In addition, the free support page on the Elektor website offers inspiring videos that elaborate on the projects.


The associated 60-piece starter kit available with this book is a great way to get the circuits built and tested on a breadboard without soldering. It couldn’t be any easier. Furthermore, some of the projects use the popular Arduino microcontroller board, which includes many open-source applications.


The 96-page book Fun with LEDs and the associated 60-piece starter kit are now available at a 15% discount. As with our other Summer Deals, this offer will be available for seven days, from July 23 until (and including) July 29.