Launched at the end of 2011 the DesignSpark chipKIT Challenge invites participants to submit a low-energy design using the chipKIT MAX32 board. Besides winning a share of $10,000 cash for the best design, contestants can also compete for the community award. To make a chance on winning this award you have to keep the community updated on the progress of your project. There have been fantastic arrays of projects submitted, so make sure yours stands out! Here are some tips to make your design more appealing to the community and really wow the judges:

• Select a category that best fits your project
• Update your project regularly by editing your project detail or making a comment on your progress
• Include images and videos, via the image or the video filter
• Engage with other contestants


If you get stuck with an element in your design, why not ask the community for help? Visit the ASK section to post a question or e-mail us at