GreenPeak technologies, a fabless semiconductor company based in Utrecht (Netherlands), has released the company’s first reference design for an RF4CE USB stick that allows RF4CE technology to be integrated into PCs and home entertainment devices such as set-top boxes, television sets and media players.


The RF4CE USB stick design is especially compact. It facilitates rapid RF4CE USB stick implementation for easy upgrading of PCs, set-top boxes, television sets and other home entertainment devices to accept RF4CE commands from an RF4CE remote control or RF4CE wireless keyboard.

GreenPeak's ready-to-use reference design comes with the hardware and software tools required for quick product development, including software stacks for the ZigBee remote control (ZRD) profile and ZigBee input device (ZID) profile, which is compatible with the human interface device (HID) profile. Certification guidelines and tools are provided to simplify RF4CE and USB certification. GreenPeak’s patented radio architecture makes it robust against Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interference.


Image: GreenPeak