Deeply rooted in electronics, robotics is one of the fastest growing and most innovative fields of engineering. Elektor is ready to help guide you through it with a special 20% pre-order discount on our latest publication, Advanced Control Robotics.

Whether you're an enthusiast, student or professional, Advanced Control Robotics is the perfect book to help you explore your penchant for robotics applications. From animatronic toys to unmanned planetary rovers, Hanno Sander’s easy to follow book gives you the skills and knowledge you'll need to bring your robotics idea to life. You'll be taught the basics of embedded design theory and presented invaluable code samples, schematics and design tips from an expert in the field.

Contained within Advanced Control Robotics are essential tips and tricks on robot actions, servos, and stepper motors, as well as the implementation of embedded technology in the form of microcontrollers and peripherals. You'll learn to better comprehend programming languages such as machine level (Assembly), low level (C/BASIC/Spin), and graphics-oriented (12Blocks) and understand control structures like functions, state machines, multiprocessors, and events. Also included are walkthroughs on control loop algorithms, communication technologies and projects for line following with vision and pattern tracking.

Advanced Control Robotics is available for pre-order now, with a 20% DISCOUNT! Orders will be shipped in July, upon the book’s publication, so act quickly and reserve your copy at a significantly reduced price.

A preview of Advanced Control Robotics is available for your perusal, so let your imagination run wild until July and then get ready to breathe life into your very own robotic creation!

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