Here is a fun piece of kit that takes Blue Sky thinking to the next level. This Kickstarter pitch is a small power unit that clips into the centre fold of a paper airplane. Take out your iPhone (Android app to follow if pledges permit) and its chocks away. Control signals over Bluetooth 4.0 give basic engine power control and left/right rudder steering, the range is around 150 feet with a 10 minute flight time.


If you ever had doubts about the benefits of open-plan office space then the PowerUp 3.0 has got to be the clincher. Its rear facing pusher prop is less of a hazard and means that it shouldn’t be the first thing to break when it falls out of the sky but its not a good idea to try victory rolls anywhere near the paper shredder.


The basic version of the PowerUp 3.0 includes one clip in engine and access to the App, but the designer, Shai Goitein has also made developer kits available so that others can join in and improve the App or even design something for themselves. The PowerUp 3.0 should be shipping in spring 2014 at around $30.