Greenvity Communications new Hybrii-Mini GV7013 enables intelligent LED lighting over long distances for various types of commercial, residential and public LED lighting applications, including lamps, fixtures, panels and bulbs. The GV7013 also can ensure robust and reliable two-way communication for outdoor lighting such as controlled street lighting and digital signage applications. In residential or building environments, the device offers longer range and larger coverage by communicating through multiple walls and floors — a capability that would be a challenge for wireless solutions due to significant signal loss through concrete objects.
One of the major advantages of the chip is its compatibility with the HomePlug Green PHY international standard, which coexists and is interoperable with the HomePlug AV and IEEE P1901 standards. Because of this, smart lighting solutions with GV7013 will be interoperable with a plethora of existing and emerging HomePlug AV- and IEEE P1901-based products such as home gateways, routers and set-top boxes.