Microchip announces the MCP19111, the world’s first digitally enhanced power analog controller that integrates an analog-based PWM controller with a fully functional Flash-based microcontroller. This integration offers the flexibility of a digital solution, with the speed, performance and resolution of an analogue-based controller.  The new devices support operation up to 32 V, and have integrated MOSFET drivers configured for synchronous, step-down applications.


To accompany the hybrid controller Microchip has also expanded its high-speed MOSFET family with the new MCP87018, MCP87030, MCP87090 and MCP87130 devices. Rated at 25V, these 1.8 mΩ, 3 mΩ, 9 mΩ and 13 mΩ logic-level MOSFETs are optimized for Switched-Mode-Power-Supply (SMPS) applications.  The combination of the new hybrid digital/analog power-management device, and the new MOSFETs, supports configurable, high-efficiency DC/DC power-conversion designs for a broad array of consumer and industrial applications.