Effectively as of December 1, 2014, all Elektor kits, semi kits, PCBs and ready-assembled modules are ordered and paid for within the Elektor STORE environment, i.e. no longer via the external website Elektorpcbservice.com hosted by Eurocircuits. The change implies that customers are not linked away from the Elektor.com website which is their trusted environment, while Elektor’s shipping rates and terms of business apply.

Our business partner Eurocircuits continues to manufacture their high quality boards and kits for Elektor. Top selling products from the previous setup with Eurocircuits were the FT232 BOB, the TAPIR RF sniffer, and the 500 ppm LCR Meter, with cumulated sales in the thousands proving the sheer quality of the Eurocircuits production and assembly line.

To celebrate the return of PCB related products to the Elektor STORE website, our Crazy Christmas Campaign gets even crazier with 20% discount on all PCBs, kits, semi kit and modules. The offer is valid through Monday December 15 2014 (12:00 pm CET). To add to the fun, all orders for PCBs, kits, semi kits and modules automatically enter a prize draw for 1000 euros (or the equivalent in UK pounds or US dollars), of which the winner is announced on January 5, 2015.

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