The third of six 132-page magazines for 2015, Elektor’s May & June edition is now available for purchase either as a printed magazine, or as a front-to-back pdf document. You can order the printed magazine to be sent directly to you, without the added cost of P&P. The fully identical online version is available on your computer instantly.

Edition 3/2015 continues to boast the same fully re-styled content of the previous edition, using the improved graphics density and utilizing our LEARN, SHARE, DESIGN pillars. Our Content is as original as always and includes 6 Labs Projects, 4 Reader’s Projects, 7 New Modules and PCBs, 1 Programming Course, 2 Reviews and lots more to keep you busy.

Highlights of edition 3/2015 include AVR Programming Under Linux, ARM Microcontrollers for Beginners Part 3 – following on from the last edition, Part 2 of the BL600 e-BoB, a USB-to-Multi Protocol Converter and an NFC e-Bob Gateway.

For those who want a slightly lighter project, this edition also contains a Medication Alarm Clock, a Basement Ventilation System, Hexadoku and a Find & Restore Story on the Pye P87BQ Radio in our famous Retronics section. And of course we include all of Elektor updates and news stories to peak your interest.

Since November 2014, the English edition of Elektor is not available from newsagents, kiosks and bookstores.

Printed copies of edition 3/2015 (covering May & June 2015) can be ordered directly from the Elektor Store at no charge for shipping and handling, until the publication of edition 4/2015.

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