The second (hence 2) of six 132-page magazines for 2015, Elektor’s April & May edition is now available for purchasing as a printed magazine, or as a front-to-back pdf document. If you order the printed magazine it is sent to you by mail but you do not pay P&P, defeating all frequenting of bookstores as you may have done in the past. The fully identical online version reaches your computer instantly.

Edition 2/2015 is remarkable not just for its 132 pages but also for its fully restyled content. The editors and page designers have upped the text and graphics density by about 15% compared to the previous stylebook, which as many of you have indicated, was slightly wasteful of paper. The changes are not just optical though — as of now the new pillars of the magazine are LEARN, DESIGN, SHARE, in that order, but not necessarily! The new foundation structure is explained and illustrated at various places in the new edition.

Highlights of edition 2/2015 include the BL600-eBoB, a Bluetooth LE 4.0 wireless module Elektorized for optimum accessibility (h/w and s/w wise), ARM Programming Course Part 2 taught by the youngest embedded lecturer in the world, Guitar Overdrive from germanium, ZigTexter Network, ARM CMSIS Contest, and a Transistor Tester based on our Platino MCU board.

Besides challenging high-tech projects from our labs this edition also contains lighter stuff like a Simple LED Driver, a Mole Repellent, Hexadoku, and a story on restoring a 1960s HP400H VTVM in the renowned Retronics section. We welcome back the famous page on corrections & updates to published projects, now dubbed Err-Lectronics.

The full TOC of edition 2/2015 can be viewed here.

Since November 2014, the English edition of Elektor is not available from newsagents, kiosks and bookstores. Printed copies of edition 2/2015 (covering March & April 2015) can be ordered directly from the Elektor Store at no charge for P&P, until the publication edition 3/2015 covering May & June 2015.

Order your printed copy of Elektor 2/2015 here. Great news: NO P&P UNTIL NEXT EDITION PUBLISHED.

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