Mentioning OTA makes engineers’ faces brighten with fond memories of the glory days of the transconductance amplifier, a famous and widely praised bit of IC technology from the 1970s. Now, Elektor long standing author Menno van der Veen, in a new book reveals not just how the mathematical principle of the OTA can be applied to vacuum tubes, but also how to tackle the design of experimental OTA tube amplifiers.

First describing the design phases and issues through the suitably named TRANSIE1 and TRANSIE2 hypothetical amp designs, the book culminates in the 30-watt Trans-30 Tube Amplifier, whose performance is impressive to say the least.

Van der Veen’s style is narrative and educational at the same time, not missing out on any aspect of electronic design or subjective listening, and with a critical attitude in terms of real-life tradeoffs and the performance / investment balance.

Early adopters of tubed OTA amp design can now pre-order the new VanderVeen Trans Tube Amplifiers book and get a substantial discount of 15%. The book is expected to be published on 30 March 2015. Until then, a vast rebate is out there waiting for you.

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106 pages, soft cover

ISBN 978-1-907920-34-9

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