It must have been over forty years ago that the Citroen DS first appeared with steerable headlamps. A mechanical linkage swiveled the beam as you turned the steering wheel. The lamp manufacturer OSRAM has produced an adaptive LED headlamp which does the same thing using just semiconductors.


The OSRAM Ostar Headlamp Pro is in response to the new ECE regulations governing Advanced Forward lighting Systems (AFS) for vehicles. It consists of a horizontal array of five individually switchable emitters. Sensors detect the vehicle’s motion so that elements are switched to offset the beam in the direction of travel. Other sensors detect the position of oncoming vehicles enabling corrections to the beam pattern to prevent dazzling. Automatic left/right hand drive beam dip is also possible with the system.


The lighting unit measures 20 x 21 mm and outputs a light intensity of 710 lm (typically) at 500 mA/25˚C.