To make it easier for programmers who work with high-level languages to take advantage of the capabilities of programmable logic devices, Altera has launched a Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Open Computing Language (OpenCL) and supported third-party production boards. This ties in with Altera’s recently announced Preferred Board Partner Program, which allows third-party board vendors to work closely with Altera to design optimized production boards based on Altera’s programmable devices.


The SDK aims to make it easy for software programmers to exploit the massively parallel architecture of FPGAs in their OpenCL code. The SDK is designed to increase system performance in highly data-parallel computing applications typically found in financial, military, broadcast, medical and other sectors.


Altera’s OpenCL solutions are supported by a robust ecosystem consisting of board partners, design partners, software tools and university collaboration. Altera and its partners provide the tools, hardware, libraries, reference designs and design resources necessary for developers to implement their OpenCL designs in FPGAs and reduce time to market.