Achieve more than you ever dreamed with your Arduino with the world's most advanced graphical programming tool, Flowcode 6 and money-saving E-blocks bundle. Whether you already own a copy of Flowcode 6 or are looking to break into the world of graphical programming, we’ve got two amazing offers to help you to bring your skills to exciting new levels!

For existing Flowcode 6 AVR/Arduino users, we’re offering the NEW E-blocks Arduino shield (for Arduino Nano, Uno, Leonardo, Micro and Mini) bundled with an E-blocks Development Board (which includes 16 pushbuttons, 16 LEDs, quad 7-segment display, LCD, light sensor, voltage level potentiometer and an audio out jack) at a 51% DISCOUNT!

If you’re just starting your Arduino adventure and want to be equipped with the right tools to make the most of your programming experience, then our Flowcode 6 inclusive bundle is for you: You receive both of the E-blocks offered to existing Flowcode users PLUS a copy of Flowcode 6 AVR/Arduino Professional user license PLUS an Arduino Uno – with a 55% DISCOUNT!

This special offer is only available for a limited time and will run until Friday October 31, 2014, so don’t delay!

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