Like previous years, those who have successfully contributed to Elektor’s Project Generator Edition (July & August edition, also known as Summer Circuits) are rewarded with a microcontroller starter kit. This year anyone who had one or more projects accepted for publication receives an LPCXpresso kit from NXP.


Designed for simplicity and ease of use, it features a powerful Eclipse-based IDE with a special, NXP-designed user interface. Also included are an optimized Cortex-M0 compiler with libraries, an LPC-Link JTAG / SWD debug probe, and target boards. With more than 15,000 LPCXpresso boards already shipped and more than 1000 LPCXpresso community members on the forum, LPCXpresso users can evaluate, explore and develop within a single, easy-to-use interface while retaining all the advanced features associated with powerful and expensive tools.


Readers now planning to quickly send us an article submission and grab one of these fine development kits should note that the 2011 Project Generator edition is fully booked and sure to become an interesting and varied edition. But then, please feel free to submit your small project for next year's edition. Who knows what we have to offer as a give-away next year!