Esteco, a provider of numerical optimization and modeling solutions, brings hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) capabilities to LabVIEW projects with m4LV. This enables LabVIEW users to improve product performance and reduce testing time. The innovative integration solution, a light version of modeFRONTIER, helps engineers and scientists to quickly arrive at a desired response from the hardware or system under test.


The advanced algorithms in modeFRONTIER, a multidisciplinary environment for engineering design optimization, can easily be exploited for hardware-in-the-loop optimization. The software automatically modifies the values assigned to the control parameters to achieve the desired response. mF4LV delivers better results by perfecting monitoring parameter tuning and significantly reducing calibration time. The tool can be used to tune simulation models with experimental data or to optimize industrial controllers with HIL systems or physical hardware. The application enhances response stability despite uncertainties by fitting simulation models to experimental data. It also reduces manual effort by exploiting the synergy between modeFRONTIER and LabVIEW, implementing a rational decision process between different trade-off solutions.