Phasor Solutions, a UK start-up, plans to launch a novel phased array antenna system that will allow moving vehicles to communicate with stationary satellites, or stationary antennas to track moving satellites, in real time with no moving parts.


The company is using 155 GHz SiGe technology for its transceivers alongside the phased-array antenna design. The start-up is targeting the multi-billion dollar satellite communication and radar market and claims that its system is an order of magnitude better than alternative solutions.

All RF functions (amplifiers and oscillators) and phase shifting circuits, as well as the logic and data modulation/demodulation, are integrated in special Phasor ICs. This approach to phased-array technology aims to reduce costs by over ten times and produce a low-profile design less than 25 mm high that can conform to any surface, with a modular architecture and high reliability due to the absence of moving parts.


One of Phasor's initial targets is wireless Internet access on trains. Airborne satellite communication and other mobile communication applications are also potential markets.


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