Verbatim is showing a broad spectrum of OLED and LED innovations at the Euroluce trade fair in April, including their latest OLED modules and new GaN-based LEDs featuring very high energy efficiency and brightness. This is the first public exhibition of the GaN-based LEDs, which are based on materials developed by Verbatim’s parent company Mitsubishi Chemicals and are claimed to exceed the luminosity of standard LEDs by a factor of up to 5. Their high efficiency enables significantly smaller luminaries and gives lighting designers enhanced design freedom.


Euroluce visitors also will be able to see Verbatim's new Velve OLED modules. These dimmable and color-controllable modules generate glare-free brightness of up to 2,000 cd/m² – twice as much as current generation OLED modules. They also achive an efficiency of 51.6 lm/w, 70% higher than their predecessors.