With thousands of different microprocessors available why would you want to roll your own? Well, maybe because you have to be compatible with one that is no longer being made or maybe because you have plenty of gates left in your FPGA and you don’t want to put an extra chip on your board? Maybe you just want to design a microprocessor for fun or as a learning experience.


Whatever your motivation may be to get you started Elektor and Circuit Cellar bring you a new book Microprocessor Design Using Verilog HDL written by Monte Dalrymple, the designer of a Z180 clone that is flying on the Juno mission to Jupiter. Monte’s many years of processor design experience culminate with this practical guide to processor design for real world applications. It presents the Verilog HDL in an easily digestible fashion and serves as a thorough introduction about reducing a computer architecture and instruction set to practice. You’re led through the microprocessor design process from start to finish, and essential topics ranging from writing in Verilog to debugging and testing are laid bare.


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