Engineers, students and enthusiasts will be able to use this text as an introduction to the use of PC based measurement systems and software tools. It’s an essential guide for anyone who needs to fully understand the underlying principles or apply the appropriate techniques required when measuring physical variables and other process output variables.


A companion text to the title ‘Introduction to Control Engineering’, Michael Dickinson’s Process Measurements with C# Applications is intended as a source of reference for hardware and software associated with process control measurements.


A well-supported and documented language, the author chooses to focus on C# due to its popularity with professional programmers and amateurs alike. The reader can gain further insight into the methods and techniques described throughout the book and have immediate practical desktop involvement thanks to the various computer programs presented in the C# (‘C sharp’) language.


The basics of measurement and data capture systems are presented, followed by examples of software post-processing. Application examples are provided from a range of process industries, with reference to remote monitoring, distributed systems and current industrial practices. 

The book is not filled with software listings, since it is supported by a web page with all program examples available for download, absolutely free.


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