Pre-order our new book, Getting Started with the Intel Edison, before the 1 May and get 15% discount. If you are an Elektor GREEN or GOLD member, you can also enjoy the benefit of free shipping on top of this discount!

This book helps you get up to speed with the Intel Edison by installing the software on both the Edison and your Windows PC. Using the easy to work with Edison Arduino breakout board, you get the opportunity to explore the wonderful world of Intel Edison that combines a small, powerful adaptable hardware platform and partner-enabled ecosystem with extended software compatibility and a supportive online environment.

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If you want to get started right away, we are offering a discounted bundle if you also purchase the INTEL Edison kit for Arduino. This kit contains an expansion board that is designed to be hardware and software pin compatible with Arduino shields designed for the Uno R3. It also includes a Micro SD card connector, a micro USB device port and a combination micro USB device connector and dedicated standard size USB 2.0 host Type-A connector.

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