Elektor is pleased to be publishing Günter Spanner’s new book, ‘Arduino -- Circuits and projects Guide’ which aims to provide a coherent and linear walkthrough of projects that can be carried out using the Arduino platform.


Arranged in a way that is functional and systematical, Spanner leads his readers through a variety of different projects all the while slowly helping develop a firm grasp of the basics of underlying controller technology.


In an effort to keep the reader engaged and enthused, much regard has been placed in using practical, detailed descriptions, allowing those who are new to Arduino to discern the most from each stage of the book. Upon finishing this publication, readers will be able to and should have successfully created running lights, a wakeup light, fully functional voltmeters, precision digital thermometers, clocks of many varieties, reaction speed meters and even mouse controlled robotic arms.


With the new year approaching, this is the perfect time to start your journey into the increasingly popular world of Arduino.


Elektor GREEN and GOLD members can benefit from a special limited-time offer, running until February 14, 2014: a 15% discount on the regular price of  ‘Arduino -- Circuits and Projects Guide’ plus free shipping and handling. Additionally, if you order other Elektor products at the same time, you receive free shipping on the entire order!