With sensors and chips getting ever smaller the Dash in-ear totally wireless ear-buds proposed on Kickstarter plans to cram a useful collection of devices directly into your ear.


As well as piping music using Bluetooth 4.0 the Dash will have 4 GB of internal storage for tunes. Music can be controlled via an App or by swiping the exposed surface of the buds. Microphones in the buds will use bone-conduction to pick up voice for making calls. Also included are an ambient mic, 5-field capacitive sensor, red and IR LEDs, thermometer, 3-axis accelerometer and optical sensor together with an ARM 32-bit processor to keep track of your activities during workouts. According to their proposal the internal 100 mAh Lithium polymer battery will have enough juice for 4 hours music playback, 3 hours play and track and 250 hours standby. As well as controlling audio the Android or iOS App controls the sensor and tracking settings as well as a ‘lost device tracker’.


With 46 days to go backers on Kickstarter have already pledged over $670,000, well past the original $260,000 target, production should begin in November 2014.