Farnell element14 are offering a MEMS Sensor Evaluation Board equipped with a MPL3115 high-precision pressure sensor, a MAG3110 low-power 3D magnetometer and a MMA8491Q 3-Axis, digital accelerometer. Communication with the board is via I2C and it has rows of headers that plug into the Raspberry Pi or Freedom KL25Z development platform. The combination of sensors are useful if you are developing applications for navigation devices, remote controls, wireless controllers, tablet computers or even medical devices.


The supplied device drivers and sample code will get you up and running quickly and will also help to evaluate and demonstrate the performance of the sensors.


According to David Shen CTO at element14 “This board will enable even more innovative designs and projects that can react to changes in the real-world.  The board has been designed for use with multiple embedded platforms and its low cost makes it ideal for both engineers and hobbyists alike.”