Clemens Valens’ book Mastering Microcontrollers – helped by Arduino soared in sales last year and received critical acclaim for its personal and ingenious narrative about getting to grips with microcontrollers with another micro as an unexpected helper: the one on the world famous Arduino board.

Apart from positive reactions, many constructive notes were received from readers, to which Clemens processed his enhancements for the occasion of the second print run. But he did not stop there: by adding a whole new chapter (no. 11) he extended the book with a 30-page section covering hands-on projects built on the specially designed “PolyValent” board, which is basically an Arduino shield. Some of the projects built using the PolyValent board refer to items described in previous chapters, while others are new. All come with detailed explanations on construction, applications and programming. The board is comprised in a semi-kit priced €19.50/£16.95/$27.00 in the STORE.

As a service to those who purchased Mastering Microcontrollers – helped by Arduino, we are supplying a pdf file of Chapter 11 for downloading at a special low price.

If in the past you hesitated about buying Mastering Microcontrollers – helped by Arduino , now is the time to act!

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