Linear Audio Volume 4 is the fourth issue in a series of printed bookzines dedicated to technical audio and perception. This issue again offers many articles written by an international team of authors on a wide ranging number of subjects, from tutorials to circuit and system design, to projects and test reports and book reviews.


Build an elegant tube based phono preamplifier or a great sounding DAC. Learn about triode noise and noise figure calculation. Improve your quality measurements with a new weighted distortion measurement protocol that much better matches subjective listening tests. Rediscover Static Induction Transistors (SIT) by revisiting the vintage Sony and Yamaha VFETs before using the exciting new PASS-SIT-1 device to develop a single-ended, transformerless output class-A amplifier with excellent sound. And don’t miss the “Terrible Twins” – a push-pull amplifier with solid state pentodes based on SITs.


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