Linear Audio Publishers of Hoensbroek, The Netherlands, have announced the publication of the second edition of their bi-annual tech audio 'bookzine' Linear Audio. The printed publication's goal is to provide high quality, in-depth technical audio design and construction projects to professionals and serious hobbyists.


Linear Audio Volume 1 packs 180 pages of technical audio articles, including a high-efficiency class A power amp, low noise phono and microphone preamp design, DSP-based and analog crossovers, a review of feedback, passive component linearity measurements, book reviews and more.


Volume 1 authors include Ian Hegglun, Douglas Self, Kendall Castor-Perry, Bruno Putzeys, Scott Wurcer and others. All article abstracts and author bio’s can be read at the Linear Audio website (hot link below). Linear Audio Volume 1 can be ordered online.