Linear Technology has introduced the LTM8045 multi-topology DC/DC converter module with a rated input voltage range of 2.8 to 18 V and 700 mA maximum output current. The device features an onboard inductor, power switch and DC/DC controller.


With just four external components – two resistors and two capacitors – the device can be configured to regulate either a positive output voltage (SEPIC topology) between 2.5 and 15 V or a negative output voltage (inverting topology) between -2.5 and -15 V. In the SEPIC configuration the chip’s input voltage can be above, below or equal to the regulated output voltage. When configured as a negative output inverter, no level shifting circuitry is necessary for the logic-level control pins. With a -5 V, 500 mA load, the converter achieves 80% efficiency with a positive 12 V input supply. The switching frequency range is 200 kHz to 2 MHz, adjustable via an external resistor, and it can be synchronized to an external clock in the same frequency range.