In collaboration with our long-time partner, element14, the Elektor Academy is excited to announce the latest installment in our series of webinars, which will focus on the WunderBar from Relayr – a new and innovative way to develop apps for the Internet of Things without needing to learn about hardware! It works out-of-the-wrapper, contains 6 Beacons (BLE), sensors, and WIFI, and is dead-simple to program.

In this webinar, presenter Amin Zayani connects the WunderBar product to the Relayr cloud service and, in a live demonstration, uses the Android API to write a simple Android app for reading a sensor. WunderBar sensors include: light, color, distance, temperature, humidity, remote control (IR), accelerometer, and gyroscope among others.

Amin Zayani holds a BSc. in Environmental and Resource Management. He learned programming and electronics to sense and visualize energy use, then became a professional maker and tinkerer. Ex-COO at, he is now the maker in residence at

This month’s webinar will consist of a 30 minute presentation, with an opportunity to pose your WunderBar-related questions to Amin afterwards. The WunderBar is a new and exciting product fresh from the chocolate factory, so don’t miss out!

Event Info:

Webinar: WunderBar, the Chocolaty IoT Tool for App Development

Date: Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Start Time: 16:00 CEST (Europe/Paris)

Finish Time: 17:00 CEST (Europe/Paris)

Presenter: Amin Zayani

Language: English

Participation in this event is completely free-of-charge; all you have to do is register by following the link below.

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