For the past 50 days (okay, a few more…) we really enjoyed running the Elektor OUTLET online store. Originally just a wild idea, the concept quickly rallied a bunch of Elektorians enthusiastic about running the store.


OUTLET has turned out a great way to promote Elektor products to customers at considerable discounts, and we feel you showed your appreciation and satisfaction in return. OUTLET is about to close now and that’s final. But don’t despair; we will soon be back with another ‘flash store', confident that you will be able to find us again then.


To close off OUTLET in style we have a number of special offers for you: the 'Minty Geek' products (great Xmas gifts!), the 'Laser Tail Light', a spectacular bicycle rear light and a nice DIY tube radio. Also, for those who want to learn how tube radios work we have the perfect book on sale: Fundamental Amplifier Techniques, still at a discount!


The novel bike tail light now on offer was designed not just as a techno-gizmo but also to improve the security of bicycle riders riding in the dark or in poorly lit conditions. An IPX2 rated laser writes two bright red lines on the road surface, warning traffic coming from the rear to keep a safe distance.


The waterproof unit also has three very bright red LEDs that can operate in various flash modes. It works from two AAA batteries and can be secured to seat posts with a diameter between 20 and 36 mm. The battery capacity enables the laser work to work for approximately 9 hours, while the LED on its own can flash for up to 36 hours.


On behalf of the Elektor OUTLET Team; thank you for your custom and hope to see you again in the next flash store!