The completely updated release of the ECD now contains data on over 70,000 components. The program package consists of eight databanks covering ICs, transistors, diodes and optocouplers. A further eleven applications cover the calculation of, for example, zener diode series resistors, voltage regulators, voltage dividers and AMV’s. A colour band decoder is included for determining resistor and inductor values.


Each databank contains the following on (almost) any component: enclosure drawing, pin connections, technical data (as far as known). Also included is a search engine acting on user supplied parameters. All databank applications are fully interactive, allowing the user to add, edit and complete component data.


The ECD gives you easy access to design data for:

  • over 7,800 ICs

  • more than 35,600 transistors, FETs, thyristors and triacs

  • just under 25,000 diodes

  • 1,800 optocouplers.


Customers ordering ECD 6 before April 6, 2011 get free P&P.