Multimedia processor manufacturer Movidius has joined forces with Toshiba to develop a complete 3D system solution for smartphones. It mates Movidius' MA1178 processor with Toshiba’s 8-megapixel extended depth of field (EDoF) cameras to yield a 3D camera module that delivers 3D imagery ideally suited to top-end smartphones.


EDoF cameras have distinct advantages over traditional autofocus for 3D synchronisation. They do not have moving parts and can be significantly thinner than auto-focus units. By using an asymmetrical lens it can focus objects at different distances resulting in clear images under good light conditions.


The MA1178 Dual ISP video processor chip seamlessly integrates into the handset's existing platforms with auto-calibration and configuration functionality and, together with an EDoF camera, enables perfect focus matching of stereoscopic images, improving 3D picture quality. The system can be implemented in a symmetric or asymmetric configuration using either two 8-megapixel EDoF cameras or a combination of 8-megapixel and 3-megapixel cameras.