Linear Technology introduces the LTC2996 high accuracy temperature sensor for 2.25V to 5.5V systems. The device measures a remote diode’s temperature with ±1°C accuracy and its own die temperature with ±2°C accuracy while rejecting errors due to noise and series resistance. The device provides a voltage-proportional-to-absolute-temperature (VPTAT) output, as well as individual under-temperature and over-temperature alert outputs, defined by user-adjustable thresholds. No code is required to configure the device.


Users can choose to measure internal or remote temperature and easily adjust the temperature thresholds with resistive dividers. Temperature conversions are updated every 3.5ms to provide systems with sufficient time to react to alerts. The device includes 1.8V voltage reference output to share with an external ADC or for generating temperature threshold voltages. With a 200µA quiescent current, the LTC2996 provides a precise, micropower temperature monitoring solution.