The touchscreen is a wonderful interface but sometimes it would be way more convenient if there was just a simple push button to turn on, say the flashlight feature of your smartphone. That’s where 'PRESSY' comes in; it adds a pushbutton interface to an Android Smartphone.


Don’t worry; there is no need to start boring holes in the case. This neat device plugs into the headphone socket, almost flush with the casing and the associated customizable App monitors pushbutton activity: one long press can call home, two long presses to call a friend, a short press to turn on the flashlight, take and send a picture, start video recording or send your current location. It’s up to you to choose the press sequence and activity; it even allows headphones to be used at the same time.  


If you think it’s a neat idea, you are not alone, the developers of ‘PRESSY’ are using Kickstarter to fund manufacture; in the first day they have been pledged over four times the $40,000 needed to get the device into production. I think we will be seeing these on the shelves soon!